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Jun 23, 2018

Napanee Innovation Academy

The new Napanee Innovation Academy, housed in the former Napanee East Ward Schoolhouse, honours the original function of the building as a school/learning centre by creating a collaborative space to mentor and support young entrepreneurs. The facility has 10 offices, meeting rooms and an additive manufacturing technology–3D prototyping lab.

The 6,500 sq. ft. Victorian building was built in 1873 and designed by George Cliff. It was used continuously as a school from 1873 to 1943 and then sold to Gibbard Furniture and used as a warehouse.

Working with the present building owner, Will Hodgskiss, the Town of Greater Napanee and Lennox & Addington County Economic Development Department and PELA CFDC have developed a business incubation model targeting young entrepreneurs that will provide shared, low cost, office facilities and mentorship services to new start-up companies looking to launch their business in the Lennox & Addington County.

See more on the Napanee Innovation Academy HERE on CKWS.

“Dealing with the EODP was incredibly easy and the process required minimal time.  Staff was very helpful." - Howard Mahon, Wilton Tack
“Without PELA CFDC's support we would not have had the ability to take those much needed first big steps. You believed in us at a time when few did.” - Quincy Emmons, Fire X Protection
“We recommend the EODP funding to any business that believes in continuous improvement and development, and who is looking to fast forward business growth.” - Angela Lees, Calderwood Automation
"The connections I made and support system that was available during and after the program really helped. - Renia Tyminski, Hallowell Gardens Centre
"The in class portion of the Ontario Self Employment Benefit Program was the most beneficial for me... I was given the resources and one-on-one guidance I needed to map out a successful plan. - Rob Fenwick, Former SEB Client