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Oct 16, 2018
PELA CFDC is pleased to have assisted Jenna Empey and her partner Alex Currie, owners of Pyramid Farm and Ferments with the purchase of manufacturing technology for their business. The company produces sauerkraut and kimchi and other fermented products through the practice of lacto-fermentation, a traditional food preservation method.
PELA CFDC is pleased to have invested in Harry Patel, owner of Materson’s Motel in Napanee. The renovation, modernization and expansion of rooms have allowed the business to respond to the growing demand for accommodations in Napanee. Two new jobs were created with the expansion.
Paul and Jennifer Brinco are owners of the County Club in downtown Picton. An investment with PELA CFDC was used to purchase a building, renovate, and purchase additional fitness equipment. The renovated location contributes to the revitalizing of the downtown and resulted in increased revenue of their business and the creation of 15 jobs.
Strathcona Solar is a successful manufacturer firm that builds Integrated Photo Voltaic module for the Canadian and US markets. The company employs more than 50 people in manufacturing, logistics, installation and training. PELA CFDC’s investment in robotic technology will see the development of a new product category in the solar industry.

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“Dealing with the EODP was incredibly easy and the process required minimal time.  Staff was very helpful." - Howard Mahon, Wilton Tack
“Without PELA CFDC's support we would not have had the ability to take those much needed first big steps. You believed in us at a time when few did.” - Quincy Emmons, Fire X Protection
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"The in class portion of the Ontario Self Employment Benefit Program was the most beneficial for me... I was given the resources and one-on-one guidance I needed to map out a successful plan.” - Rob Fenwick, Former SEB Client