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Jan 20, 2017
PELA CFDC is pleased to provide EODP support of $24,100 to Bombardier Transportation (BT) Canada to support the creation of a new product development innovation strategy for their Lennox & Addington County facility. The project will allow Bombardier Transportation to remain a global leader in the public transit market through product innovation like the INNOVIA Metro and Monorail.
Want to learn more about the EYE Program?

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The Empowering Young Entrepreneurs Program or EYE Program is a business start-up program for youths aged 18-29 years old in Prince Edward and Lennox & Addington Counties.
The Program provides eligible participants with ten weeks of interactive business startup training, mentorship, wrap-around support and a grant of $3000.
Do you have an idea, see a market opportunity or have a cause/passion that you think can be turned into a business?

Do you want to learn how take an idea and turn it into a business?

Empowering Young Entrepreneurs (EYE)

The EYE Program is a full-service, youth focused, entrepreneurial training program suitable for youth who 1) have a business idea, 2) need help to develop a business 3) have an underdeveloped small business that needs guidance to grow the business.


  • Youth ages 18 – 29
  • Out of school
  • Reside in Prince Edward or Lennox & Addington Counties
  • Can commit to participation in the 8 week training program

Program Description

  • No cost learning opportunity of 8 week entrepreneurship training to give you skills and tools to create, launch and grow your business (either full or part-time business). The classes are workshop-based, in-class instruction focusing on business-plan development that leads to the creation of a company
  • Support, business advice, guidance, networks, resources and mentorship – provided by PELA CFDC, Launch Lab and other community partners
  • Micro-finance grant of up to $3000 paid out in installments
  • Program provides wrap around funding for dependent care, travel/transportation and computer literacy training (Please note that client income support is not provided)
  • Connection with other young people who want to be entrepreneurs

Moon Bear Music — Noah Van Vlack

Paul Tripp — One Eyed Dragon

Torpedo Rack — Barry Wiskel

Napanee Design Studio — Krista Lee

Kyle Lane — South Stream Manufacturing

Karlyn Madrid – The Lunch Box

Hilary Foster – Mindful Revolution

“Dealing with the EODP was incredibly easy and the process required minimal time.  Staff was very helpful." - Howard Mahon, Wilton Tack
“Without PELA CFDC's support we would not have had the ability to take those much needed first big steps. You believed in us at a time when few did.” - Quincy Emmons, Fire X Protection
“We recommend the EODP funding to any business that believes in continuous improvement and development, and who is looking to fast forward business growth.” - Angela Lees, Calderwood Automation
"The connections I made and support system that was available during and after the program really helped. - Renia Tyminski, Hallowell Gardens Centre
"The in class portion of the Ontario Self Employment Benefit Program was the most beneficial for me... I was given the resources and one-on-one guidance I needed to map out a successful plan. - Rob Fenwick, Former SEB Client